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Recognize your privilege and speak up.

This is the product of us denying rights, housing, schooling, a voice, and a life to minorities. If you were to ask me, “How has my life been shaped by my race,” I would tell you that being white has made my life easier. I’ve never had trouble finding toys that looked like me. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Never let the fear of trying keep you from crying

I’ll be the first to talk myself out of dangerous activities. You likely won’t see me tightrope walking, hang-gliding, scuba diving, base jumping, or free climbing. Don’t get me wrong—I love skiing and will try a black or double black, but I will also happily cruise blues down the mountain. I will hike to gorgeous,… Continue Reading →

My most sacred new beginning

“You hold my hand in the street. Walk me back to that apartment; years ago, we were just inside barefoot in the kitchen. Sacred new beginnings that became my religion.” – Taylor Swift On April 27th, 2020, Deaven and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. All fairy tale love needs is a happy ending. Our… Continue Reading →

A Day for My Momma

“My mom and I are close,” can be taken a lot of different ways. I’ll put it this way. Up until the age of 25, my mom and I talked every night on the phone. I would tell her how I was feeling and what was going on. As every Southern momma does, she would… Continue Reading →


“Be like the squirrel, girl. Be like the squirrel.” The White Stripes When I was 16, the White Stripes released the song “Little Acorns”. My best friend Christan turned it on the car. Squirrels, and all their quirks, had won me over years before. The song was a tribute to the rodents that captured my… Continue Reading →

Nightmare on Earth

I have always loved going to the movies. I would get nachos, a fountain Coke, and a box of chocolate-covered raisins. When my mom’s family got together for holidays, we would go to the movies with my grandparents, my mom’s brothers and sisters, and my cousins. My mom is one of four. I have 6… Continue Reading →

Rain, rain, come my way

Last week, I pulled open the curtains, groaned, turned to Deaven and said, “Ugh, you again. Another sunny day, baby,” as the rays from the window filled the room. Deaven was ecstatic; I accepted it. Most people would be thrilled. Yesterday, I checked the forecast, barged in the room where Deaven was working, shouted guess… Continue Reading →

I’m still lovin’ it.

Ever heard of a fast-food restaurant chain known as McDonald’s? You may recognize the white, red, and yellow logo with its golden arches. Did it blow your mind that the golden arches represent French fries? Stop me if you’re familiar. McDonald’s: I loved it. McDonaldland, which started in the 1980s, was in full swing when… Continue Reading →

Oh, the places we went.

When I was younger, my family would take at least one long road trip during the summer. We had family reunions every summer and, we would all pile in the car to go. We would also visit my dad’s family on the East Coast. My sister and I would load up in the backseat with… Continue Reading →

It’s okay to not feel okay

“The first and truest thing is that all truth is a paradox. Life is both a precious, unfathomably beautiful gift, and it’s impossible here, on the incarnational side of things. It’s been a very bad match for those of us who were born extremely sensitive. It’s so hard and weird that we sometimes wonder if… Continue Reading →

Shaggy dog stories

My family and I are “dog people.” My family has had dogs since before I was born. In the 1980s, Before spaying and neutering was a widely accepted, encouraged, and mandated practice, our dog Rose had at least three litters from neighboring dogs. One winter before I was born, Rose was heavily pregnant when my… Continue Reading →

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